bla bla bla, 2018

“bla bla bla” is an artwork made during a “360-degree sound and binaural recordings” workshop

“bla bla bla” references the useless avalanche of information and life-changing tips that nowadays flood the mainstream media, seemingly attacking you

a collaborative work with other students
instructors: Artis Kuprišs. Māris Dejus

miezis, 2019

“miezis” is a short documentary about a cozy beer bar “Miezis & Ko” located in Liepaja

the documentary features one of the bar owners, a bartender and frequent guests

made together with:
elza admidiņa

max msp live sound input experiment, 2020

this is a live sound input experiment made in Max MSP

if the sound input is loud/consistent enough, the video is viewable; if the audio is too loud or too silent and comes in short bursts (for example, a human speaking) – the video quality will lower until it’s completely pixelated
the easiest way to achieve a constant and linear audio input is to blow on the microfone, so as a joke i used a video of a candle
tevi vēro/watching you, 2019

“watching you” was a part of a group exhibtion “trauksmes cēlāji/whistle blowers” consisting of different projections.

this work was inspired by g. orwel’s novel “1984” and references the growing surveillance and privacy issues

made together with:
elza admidiņa