restricted, 2019

series inspired by “photographer’s playbook: 307 assignments and ideas”

restricted area, 1 must-have object

random picture dump, 2016-2018

photographs that don’t fit in anywhere

doesn’t everyone feel like that sometimes

cyanotype v.6, 2018

classical photographic cyanotype printing process studies

300 g/m2, potassium ferricyanide, ferric ammonium citrate, distilled water

light.paint, 2017

lightpainting practice

every 500th step, 2019

when it’s been months since you last left the “home – university – home” loop and the only time you leave your house is to take out the trash, it starts to seem like something should be changed.
this photobook is a documentation of my first organised walk through Liepaja.

every picture was taken after every 5000 steps to reach the 10’000 step goal. in total there were 12’000 steps taken.
step counting was executed with the help of huawei health app. the obtained images served as an additional value to the route – hunting for interesting shots in limited conditions