escapist, 2020

“escapist” is an android app. 
as R. Murray Schafer wrote in “An Introduction To Acoustic Ecology” – the city soundscape can be and often is used as an escape from ones emotions and worries, whereas white noise blocks out all surrounding sounds, blending them into one and leaving you alone with yourself
this is your chance to choose – escape or listen?

the app prototype was made in Unity, but the sound visualisations in Processing. later on the prototype is supposed to be upgraded with a livescape section – live video/audio escape 

(if you wish to download the app, click on the logo,
to see the app walkthrough, click on the walkthrough gif)

stikla kalns, 2020

“stikla kalns” or “the glass mountain” is a walk-through experience game based on the play “zelta zirgs” (1909) written by a latvian poet and playwright Rainis, made as a part of a university 3d module

quarantime, 2020  

“quarantime” is a 2d game created as a depiction of the covid-19 pandemic self-isolation rules, the pressure to always stay in a 2 meter distance from others and the chaos that occurs when people choose not to obey the rules

(if you wish to play the game outside of this site, click the icons to the left)