escapist, 2020

this animation was made for the “escapist” android app prototype

the app prototype was made in Unity, but the sound visualisations in Processing

made together with:
elza admidiņa

bars, 2019

“bars” or “herd” is a short animated movie about herd mentality.
often enough it does not matter how good or bad an opinion or idea is; the bigger the crowd, the faster it grows

made together with:
elza admidiņa

plant blindness, 2021
the human-plant relationship has historically played a huge role in promoting the development of civilization. over the years, plants have found their way into people’s homes as part of the decorations, on the dinner table and in the first aid cabinet.
although plants are still used for a variety of everyday purposes, their value to society has drastically declined over the years, and people are deviating more and more from the symbiotic human-plant relationship they used to have in the past. there are various explanations for this phenomenon, but the main ones are anthropocentrism, speciesism and plant blindness
this animation mainly refers to the phenomenon of plant blindness, which is based on cognitive bias, that predicts humanity’s inability to notice plants in their surroundings, leading to an inability to recognize their need in the common biosphere and in everyday life. it is designed to simplify the less simple
the animation uses rotoscopy, frame animation and stylistic elements of collage
sound visualization, 2020

this is a sound visualization made in Processing, based on Lev Manovich’s principle of variability in new media art

just as easy as we can perform audification of data sets, auditory data can be transformed into a visual output

digital thaumatrope, 2019

animation made in adobe after effects

tevi vēro/watching you, 2019

“watching you” was a part of a group exhibtion “trauksmes cēlāji/whistle blowers” consisting of different projections.

this work was inspired by g. orwel’s novel “1984” and references the growing surveillance and privacy issues

made together with:
elza admidiņa